Give A Chance To Children

Who Don't Have A Choice-UPA

The Science Behind It

Stem cell research isn't necessarily a groundbreaking discovery. A stem cell is a cell that can be turned into any cell in the body. They can be derived from Embryos, or adults. Many people think it is a good idea to use embryos to do research for cures for diseases. They are saying it can cure parkinsons, paralisis, and maybe even cancer. That would be a wonderful thing, but only with adult stem cells. We believe that embryonic stem cell research might cure diseases, but who would it help if there are only a small amount of children left to see it.

To Saving The Future

We are an organization who is for the future benifit of our generations to come. We believe that using embryotic stem cells are killing possible children. There are other options than embryotic stem cells. There are adult stem cells that are just as effective, maybe even more. If we use adult stem cells, they are less likely to be rejected by the body. They aren't even sure that if we do use embryotic stem cells for research that it will be more effective, or even find a cure all these diseases. It is a great idea, but only if we use adult stem cells. Think of the children.

United Parents Association

They can live, only if we let them.