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Week of January 16th

Jay's Jems

Hey, IAT teachers. If at times you discover that some, many or most of your students are struggling with understanding terms in your ELA or MATH classes, try the following:

Prior to introducing a new concept or reading through a passage, have the students take 2-3 minutes to go through the text and circle the terms that they don't know or even the terms that they DO know. Once you list the words, go through them, define them, with the help of your 'vocabularians" and then return to the text or concept. Students will feel more confident and you will have saved at least 5-10 minutes of instruction!



Free webinar: Students at the Center

Based on their exciting work in the field, author Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda map out a transformative model of personalization that help students develop intellectual and social strength of character. Join us in a FREE webinar introducing participants to the ASCD book, "Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind," where each author describes the four attributes that are at the heart of personalized learning: voice, co-creation, social construction and self-discovery. Jan. 17, 3 p.m. ET.


Quick Exam Update

This information comes from SSMS. If you have noticed any discrepancies be sure to get them addressed ASAP. Our goal is to be at (at least ) 77% across the board.

Shout out to grades 2 and 5 for demonstrating excellence!!!

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Let's brag about our school!

Attention Teachers and Staff! We need your help!

We would like to post pictures on Facebook of your students participating in engaging activities in your classroom. If you have any exciting news or pictures to share with our families about what's happening in your classroom, please email the info to Jennifer at jrobertiello@iat.sabis.net. Let's share the awesomeness that is happening at IAT!

Six Flags Read to Succeed

IAT is participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program again this year. Reading logs were put in your mailboxes last week for you to send home with your students.

I will enter your students information on the Six Flags Reading website. So, all you have to do is encourage your students to read!

Students have to read 6 hours (360 minutes) and record his/her reading times on the attached Reading Logs. Students can read books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, or comic books. Students can read independently, or parents can read to younger students.

The due date for the Reading Log to be returned to school is Friday, February 10th. Please send the completed logs to the Main Office as soon as you get them so I can enter them into the system.

A special perk for teachers and staff! If you have 8 students that complete the 6 hours of reading and turn in their completed Reading Log, you will receive a free Six Flags ticket!

Thank you for encouraging your students to read!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Jennifer Robertiello

Staff Shout Outs!

Kudos goes out to .....

The entire staff at IAT for making positive gains and strides

in the school culture and climate!

Your hard work is noticed

and is definitely paying off!

Keep up the great work

and let's continue with the great things happening at IAT!

Fun Cartoon on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr for Kids! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Bio: Black History Month

Project Return Incentive

Please encourage your students to return the completed "Project Return" Form.

The winner of the pizza party will be calculated by the highest percentage of students who bring in the completed form by Wednesday, January 25th.

I will be keeping a record of who returns the form, so please send down any completed forms you receive to the Main Office.

** Please also announce this incentive on your Class DoJo! **

Remember, you get some pizza too so please encourage your students to return their forms!

Thanks for your help with this!

Shout outs!!

Hey, I have and SMC Cores has noticed a dramatic decrease in anti-social behaviors school wide. I no longer hear the the noise that was once an issue, less students are coming to the main office without passes and walking the hallways has improved. You’re efforts are working and should be acknowledged. We sometimes we insert an intervention and may not notice how effective it is because of all the work we do.

Thanks to Ms. Eccleston for her patiences and willingness to learn under less than optimal conditions. Shout out to Ms. Cooper, who has unsurpassed passion for student success and achievement that is demonstrated daily. Shout out to Ms. Williams for giving 100% each day, making gains! Shout to Ms. Billings for having a huge heart for kids and remaining optimistic and of course, shout to Ms. Dettlinger for her determination and temerity.

We are making gains, we are working as a team, we will uphold our mission!


Jay Kamau