Interpersonal Comm Group 28

Mean Girls Ugliest effing skirt

Mean Girls "Ugliest Effing Skirt"

This example from Mean Girls is using a message with meanings that are meant to deceive. This type of deception happens when Regina lies about liking the vintage plaid skirt and Katy's African bracelet in order to make them feel good about themselves but, actually hates them. Prosocial deception is used in order to benefit the person being lied to.
Family Guy - Stewie Mom Mum Mommy

Family Guy "Mom Mum Mommy"

This video from Family Guy pictures Stewie repeatedly calling for his mother to pay attention to him for which she responds to by ignoring him. This is an example of a disconfirming message because Louis is failing to acknowledge her son Stewie and therefore implies that he is not worth paying attention to.
Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy Video Short

This Pixar digital short shows storks flying different young animals that the clouds have just made home to their parents on Earth. Most of the clouds make cute animals, but one can only make dangerous animals. Each stork is assigned to a cloud to transport the animals and after this stork got beat up beat up these babies, he went to another cloud. The cloud that got abandoned felt sad because he inferred that his stork friend has left him and was never coming back. While he did see this first hand and he made his inference about the present, his inference turned out to be incorrect because the stork came back with football gear made by the other cloud to help protect him against these dangerous young animals.