George Henry Peter Smith

By: David Greco his great-great grandson

My Childhood

It was 1913 at Helen Montana when I was born. My mom was Anna Osborne and my dad was John Smith. I then discovered that I had a step-brother 2 and a half years later. Then came my little sister who name I suggested should be Gennie and it now is. My next twin sisters were supposed to be born, but since they didn't have a sufficient amount of vitamin K they weren't able to be born. Fast forward to when I was 13yrs old and my family and mom is starting to struggle financially. I decided to go the the trains and stay there for a while. It turns out that I rode the train for a whole year. I was able to stay alive living in the cargo train eating off scraps people gave me. I believed that my brilliant personality was the thing that kept me living.
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Stories of my teen years

Once going back to my house I was 14 and my family was getting a little more back together, but it was the main problem of why I left was still present; my dad was an alcoholic and he a was hitting my mom. Later on it just got worst, and my little sister was starting to get involved to and I decided that Cliff and I should do something about it. We planned later on to kill my father one day when he came home from work. My brother and I his on the crest of the hill waiting to assassinate him and get rid of our moms problems. After waiting there for a while we decided to sulk home in finding what happened. Turns out that he was drunk and he didn't come home that way. In my teens sadly like most kids back then I was a drug dealer. I made money from it since my dad had a lot of bottles on him, but kept it a secret from my parents. Later on I eventually got over doing drugs and focused on school.

Life after 20

After succeeding in graduating high school I had many friend and even more girlfriends. I found my first love and got married in Rapid City, South Dakota to Rose Heil. She was lovely and we had two daughters. At the Time World War II was going on, but I was allowed a pass because of my job. I then got a job with the Philippine Airlines and helped fly and build the planes. We moved around a lot, sometimes ending up in places like Hawaii or Montana. We eventually settled down in California where I continued doing what I loved but for a different company the flying tigers airlines from 1947 to 1953. After that run of my life was over and I decided to spend more time with my family. My two daughters were to grow up to be wonderful people but sadly I wouldn't get a chance to see my grand daughters graduate for I would pass earlier than expected. I have always loved life and loved to help younger people with their choices so they can learn from where I want wrong.

A Funny Story

As you probably already know I was widely know as a ladies man and can easily make friends. Most of the time I wasn't home, but at a party somewhere else. One day my parents decided that they were going away for a couple hours and left me in charge of the house. Bad Idea. There was a thing that was "in" and so we decided to try it. In other words we made taffy. Yes, I did say taffy. We weren't very good at it for it usually turned out burned. My little sister even tried it! She said it was bad we made more just to have fun anyway.
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