Literature Circles 2013

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle OR Black Duck


We are focusing on 3 main literary elements while reading these novels. First, we will focus on predictions. You will make predictions throughout the novel. Second, you will focus on Characterization. What are the characters like? What tone do they present to the novel? Third, you will focus on theme. We saved this literary element for last. What did you learn? What was the moral of the story? What was the lesson learned for the characters?

While focusing on these elements, you must look at the plot development - the five stages. What other elements could be touched on?


You'll add videos to your flyer! Beside your predictions, what other videos could y'all include in your flyer?
How Animals Eat Their Food


What pictures could you add to enhance your flyer?

**Think about the characters in your novel**

Add text ANYWHERE!

Be Creative!

This is YOUR flyer. You may present how you want! There are no rules or regulations for the way you present your information.

Objective: Present the literary elements on the flyer as you have discussed in your literature circle. **Add other literary elements for more points! **