Stonybrook Middle School

The Knightly News, September 2016

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On Friday, September 16th and Monday, September 19th, SMS will be hosting a two day Strong Connections event for all students. Half of each Grade 5-8 class will attend Friday while the other half attends Monday. Letters will be emailed home on Friday, September 9th indicating which day your child will attend. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if there is a conflict.

Part of the day’s plan is to take the students to the Steinbach Corn Maze for a little “get to know you” fun! This event is at no cost to parents, however a waiver form must be completed and returned to the school before the student can attend. If your child did not bring home a waiver for you to sign, you can download a copy from our website, under the “Strong Connections” box.

These days are very important for teachers for the planning of each of their students, but they will also be meaningful to students who have the opportunity to make strong connections with their teachers. Students will have opportunities to be active throughout the day.

Corn Maze Waiver

Click on the link below to access a Corn Maze waiver for your child. Each student needs to hand a waiver form in before they will be able to go. We are looking forward to having fun with the students on Strong Connections Day!

Student Pick Up

When picking up students at the end of the day, please be careful! Traffic is very

congested and student safety is a priority. Our school has set up crossing guard

stations at Mackenzie & Brandt and Reimer & Brandt, both mornings and afternoons, and we would like students to use those crossing points to cross the street. Be cautious when walking through the staff parking lot as well!


If your address or phone number changes over the school year (or has changed over the summer), please let us know.

If your email address has changed or you have acquired an email address, we would appreciate receiving that information. Email is an excellent form of communication between parent and teacher and we would like to keep you updated on the progress of your child.

Click on the Stonybrook website by viewing and find email links to your child’s teacher to stay in touch.


Security cameras are installed both inside and outside of the school. These cameras help monitor many areas on the school grounds (ex. Bicycle racks). These cameras help make Stonybrook Middle School a safer school for your child.

We are looking forward to having a great year with your child!

Attendance Procedures

Please phone in or send a note when your child is away from school for any reason at all. Students need to sign out at the office when they leave school with your permission, even if they have given a note to their teacher. The adult picking the child up must come in to sign the child out of the office. If you wish to have your child picked up by another friend or relative for an occasion, you must make arrangements with the office prior to that pick up. If your child is absent from school and the office has not been notified, you may receive an automated telephone message asking you to contact the school with a reason your child is absent by phone call or note. You may also email the office with attendance information,at

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What's Happening in September

Wednesday, September 14th Picture Day (a.m.)

Friday, September 16th Strong Connections (Day 1)

Monday, September 19th Strong Connections (Day 2)

Friday, September 23rd HSD Cross Country Run #1 (Abe's Hill)

Tuesday, September 27th Milk Provincial Run (Harborview Park in Winnipeg)

Friday, September 30th HSD Cross Country Run #2 (AD Penner Park)

School Starts at 9:00

School Dismissal is at 3:45

Lunch is at 12:21-1:20

Upcoming Important Event!

A Friendly Reminder! Our Peak of the Market Sales fundraiser will begin on Monday,

October 3rd and will run until Monday, October 17th. We are looking forward to supplying the town with vegetables! Information will be sent home regarding the fundraiser at the

beginning of October.

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Lock Down Drills

Notification of several lock down drills will occur in September and October. These practice drills are done to prepare for events or times when a problem arises due to an intruder in the building. Homeroom teachers have prepared their students to reduce anxiety. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the school.

Interested in Volunteering at School?

SMS needs volunteers for different events and to meet legal obligations, each volunteer needs to complete a Child Abuse Registry check. Please call the school or send a note with your student if you are interested in helping at the school in some area—and advise us what you are interested in helping with! You can also email Mrs. Rebizant at to be placed on a list.

An immediate need for volunteers would be to accompany students to the Blatz Corn Maze which is part of their Strong Connections Day on Friday, September 16th or Monday, September 19th. If you think you could help, please let us know! Thank you so much for your assistance!

A Peanut/Nut and Scent Safe School!

SMS is a peanut/nut safe school, and as we have students who are allergic to nuts, we need your help. Please do not send any peanut and/or nut type products for lunch or snacks. If students should forget and bring those products, the teachers will place it in a Ziploc bag and ask the student to take it back home. We hope this does not cause a great inconvenience to you, and would appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

We would also appreciate if students would not wear perfume or strong smelling deodorants or lotions, as there are students/staff that have allergies to strong scents.

Students who have these allergies, please have your epi-pen on you at all times; and having a second epi-pen available at the school office is good practice.

Thank you for your cooperation!

SMS Staff List

Mr. Don Dewey - 5D

Ms. Crystal Friesen - 5F

Mrs. Annette Loewen - 5F and Art

Mr. Trevor Neufeld - 5N

Mr. Mike Reimer - 5R

Mrs. Sina Bateman - 6B

Mr. Al Harder - 6H

Mrs. Tanya Kasdorf - 6K

Ms. Robin Nemeth - 6N

Mrs. Katherine Heide - 7H

Ms. Janine Lavallee - 7J

Ms. Alexa Klein - 7K

Mr. Blayne Stobbe - 7R

Mrs. Krystin Dychko - 8D

Mr. Lyle Koop - 8K and Guidance

Ms. Melissa Mathew - 8M and Guidance

Mr. Erik Wiebe - 8W

Mr. Markus Goertzen - Music/Band Instructor

Mr. Glenn Hiebert - Resource Teacher

Mr. Tyler North - Industrial Arts Teacher

Ms. Brigit Krysko - Sewing, Home Ecology Teacher

Mrs. Myra Kehler - Foods, Home Ecology Teacher

Mr. Al Thiessen - Phys Ed Teacher

Mr. Anders Rempel - Interim Vice-Principal

Mrs. Rita Rebizant - Interim Principal

Mr. Eldon Dueck continues his leave through the end of December.

SMS is also hosting 5 teacher candidates from the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg Education Program this year.

There is a live link under "Reminders" and at the end of this newsletter that will connect you with our SMS website, and you will be able to get your teachers' email addresses from there if you wish to make contact with them this way.

We Believe...

The staff and administration of SMS believe in the Middle School philosophy that creates an inviting, supportive and safe place, a joyful community that promotes in-depth learning and enhances students’ physical and emotional well-being. We believe in a healthy school environment where human relationships are paramount. We believe that interactions among staff members and between students should reflect democracy, fairness and mutual respect. We believe that SMS should promote a safe and supportive environment where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks, to be bold with their expectations and to explore new challenges. SMS believes that every student, no matter of creed, color or uniqueness, serves as a genuine part of the community and contributes based on individual strengths.

Adapted from “This We Believe: Successful Schools for Young Adolescents”, National Middle School Association

As we embrace this Middle Years philosophy, we are teaching our students what it means to be “Ready to Learn”, and what responsibility, respect and safety looks like throughout the school, classrooms and playground. Together we are creating life long learners and positive global citizens.

School Pride Wear Sale - Coming in November

Already thinking about a Christmas gift?? School Pride Wear will be on sale at school during the month of November. Watch for more information in our October newsletter.

Religious Instruction Information

Click on above link to take you to Religious Exercises and Instructions information for our school.