Transformation Of American Economy

Transporation in the North during the 19th century

New Methods of Transportation

During the 1800's United States experienced Transportation of fast growth speed in benefits because of new methods in transportation. The two modes in travel and trades were the steamboats and railroads systems. In 1850 behind used to carry goods people across the Atlantic. The result of the transportation of travel developments, economy continue foward major cities to grow the 1800's. Due to the "Transportation Revolution" people now travel differently.

Lowell Girls

The Lowell girls, came from New England and Canada to work in factories to gain money. Leaders of industries hired young unmarried women from local farms, the reason that they had to be young is that they have advantages for being allowed to wok more hours. Their ages were 10-25 years old. Many families sent their daughters to Lowell to help support their whole family.