Claude Horan

By Maddie Duff

Personal Life

Claude Horan was born on October 29, 1917 in Long Beach, California and moved to Hawaii. He died on June 11, 2014. He was a surfer in California. He went to San Jose State University to get his Bachelor's Degree and went to Ohio State University to get his Master's Degree.

Claude's Art

  • Ceramist and glass artist
  • Style: whimsical, elaborate, and very intricate

What I Like

My favorite thing about Claude Horan's work is the fact that he has so many small details and it just looks so complicated and intricate. I also like that he uses more natural, earthy colors rather than bright, blinding colors.

Elements Of His Work

He has earthly aspects put into his work. His function of his work is usually to function as a bowl and his form incorporates people into it somehow.
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Claude Horan's technique of ceramics is often mixing rough and abstract together, or smooth and highly simplified, glazed vessels. He throws on a throwing wheel and likes to add a lot of intricacy into his pieces.