Dawson County Schools Tech Update

Sharing the good news of Instructional Tech in our schools

Instructional Technology Committee Named

Committee members have been selected, after school leadership identified staff members to represent their campuses. Staff members selected met these qualifications:

  • work daily with students,
  • utilize technology in their instruction,
  • can work together on a team,
  • are not afraid to help staff or students,
  • are willing to consider and try different technology implementation strategies,
  • are able and willing to use collaboration and communication strategies, including Twitter, Blogs and other applications, to support and share the good work of instructional technology implementation in our classrooms,
  • are trainable and willing to learn and teach new things.

School representatives are:

  • Suzanne Smith, Ashley Tobias, Melissa Ryerse, BMES;
  • Rebecca Madsen, Cindy Estes, RES;
  • Tana Martin, Becky Hammond, RVES;
  • Kristi Bearden, Patty Adams, KES;
  • Michelle Stainback, Natalie Flanagan, Cherie Powell, RVMS;
  • Aimee Park, Nikki Harvey, Kim Dutton, DCMS;
  • Susan Wright, Deborah Huggard, Keith Lott, DCHS.

The committee will meet Thursday, September 24, 2015. Committee members have been asked to confer with their colleagues and answer two questions: 1) What will change in the classroom when all students have a device? And, 2) what does that device need to do?

Building your Professional Learning Network

Educators are always learning and sharing, technology is one tool for that purpose. Consider using Twitter and follow us @DCSchoolsTech, we will be tweeting about instructional technology news and strategies that can help you grow as an educator.

Pinterest User? Pinterest is a wonderful place to find ideas, resources and strategies for your classroom. Follow us on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/DCSchoolsTech/instructional-technology/

Take a peek at our Dawson County Schools Technology webpage, http://dawson.ss7.sharpschool.com/departments/technology/ for more resources. We will be adding links to resources under Neil Harrison's staff page.

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Google Apps For Education is Here

We may know about Google Apps for Education through our use of Mail or shared documents in Google Drive, but there are more apps to use in the classroom such as Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar and even Youtube. Every staff member with a school Google account can also have a Youtube account, a great place to gather video resources for your classroom.

Here is a link to a collection of Google Apps for Education that Pioneer RESA collected, a great place to learn more https://www.pioneerresa.org/Google.php

A Tip of The Hat!

We hope to give some recognition to great things our staff members are doing, integrating technology into our activities.

A Tip of The Hat to Ms. Bennett, Mr. Crumley and others, using SMORE Newsletters to reach out and share with stakeholders. Check out http://www.smore.com and see how quick and easy it is -- and the results look great.

A Tip of The Hat to those using social media tools like Twitter, Pinterest and Remind 101, to share and stay connected to stakeholders. Check out https://twitter.com/DawsonSchools as a great place to start.

A Tip of The Hat to our school webmasters and staff who have helped make the transition to our new school websites, http://www.dawsoncountyschools.org We even have teachers editing their own pages, customizing them for their students.

A Tip of The Hat to Rebecca Madsen and RES for using Youtube to distribute their Morning Announcements. Teachers can show the announcements through their Macbook Airs and Smartboards, and they are available to watch 24/7.

A Tip of The Hat to the Technology Department for their efforts to get our school year up and running and fully connected. Here are some numbers to consider:

700 incidents of support completed

312 Macbook Air laptops distributed to staff

163 voicemail to email transitions made

370 new access points (wifi) active now, 1900 user connections to that wireless network


6000 devices of all kinds have connected to our school's networks.

Tech Tip

Is your new Macbook Air slowing down? Have trouble with connecting to the Smartboard, or using Notebook? Try restarting your Macbook and see if that helps clear things up. Even Macbooks need to be restarted from time to time to help clear up memory issues, and run software updates. Make it a daily or weekly habit, perhaps just shutting down at the end of your professional day.