New York Times

August 24th , 1922 $0.05

Gatsby Found Dead!!!

Famous Millionaire was Found dead today in his pool. Today Jay Gatsby was shot and killed. The butler found Mr. Gatsby floating in the pool face down. The butler called the Police and said " the millionaire Jay Gatsby was shot send help please". The police arrived on the crime scene and found two dead bodies. There was one on the ground and in the pool. The one on the ground was George Wilson the owner of Wilson's Garage. The second person was the millionaire Jay Gatsby. They have no idea why George Wilson Killed Jay Gatsby. George Wilson may have thought Gatsby killed George's wife.

Jordan Baker Accused of Cheating???!!!

Jordan Baker a Cheater??

The Famous female golfer Jordan baker has been accused of cheating in the tournament. She has been accused of hitting the ball after it had stopped. Jordan Baker said " i did not cheat. I did not hit the ball". The tournament says otherwise. If it is true she will have to pay a fine and be disqualified in the tournament. A few weeks went by and it has been made clear she cheated.