The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...

First Week

The hive in room 5 had a fabulous first week of first grade! Thank you for all of the supplies and completed paperwork you sent in to make our year successful! I also want to thank you for your patience. Despite speaking with many of you this summer, we had a few small hiccups this week. I appreciate your patience as we get into our first grade routine!

BEE Binders

If you haven't had a chance to check out the information in our BEE Binders, please take time to do so this weekend. We added many important papers that will give you lots of information about our year.

Also, the front pocket will be for homework and any notes you send to school. Your child knows to unpack that pocket every morning.

The back pocket is BEE-utiful work to keep at home. Please clean out this pocket nightly so our binders stay organized. You will find a copy of the District monthly calendar in your child's binder tonight.

Gayman Goes Healthy!

Your child is bringing home an important note about birthday treats tonight in his/her binder. Please carefully read this information as we will no longer be able to share food treats for student birthdays. The letter suggests alternatives. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!