How to Improve your Grades

Struggling in a Class Tips

Are you struggling in a class? Here are some tips to improve your grade.
  • Attend class every day. Be attentive and put your phone away. (unless you need it for class)
  • Have a consistent dedicated workspace (ideally not your bedroom if possible - if not, then at least get out of your physical bed) Have a space free of distractions and stick with a routine.
  • Organize your work and keep track of your assignments. Utilize a weekly calendar or agenda to write down due dates. This can be drawn on a sheet of paper if you do not have a printer or agenda. Schoology already has a personal calendar built in for you! See below for more details.
  • Take responsibility and communicate with your teacher. Teachers want to help you! Check your grades weekly.
  • Do not just ignore the assignments - they will pile up and feel more and more overwhelming
  • Celebrate small wins - focus on what you DID accomplish and understand :)
  • It’s always better to be ahead than to be struggling at the last minute! Break down big projects into small, manageable parts—and give each one a deadline. Don’t drag your feet—make yourself do things on time & you’ll be better off in the long run
  • Identify someone, who can support you and check in with you regularly - examples include: parent, classmate, sibling, neighbor or another relative
  • Consider downloading an app to help you stay organized with due dates for assignments and upcoming tests such as Sigma Planner or My Study Life
  • Ask your counselor for resources

Schoology Calendar Feature

Use your Schoology Calendar to set reminders when assignments/tests are due. Click on the blue calendar icon to view your personal calendar. To add a reminder just click on the date and type in the reminder to yourself!

CVHS Resources

CVHS Virtual Homework Help will be on Tuesdays/Thursdays. See below for flyer

National Honors Society Tutors - will tutor for free, see the mentor list below.

Teacher Tutors in the District - will tutor for a fee, please see the district tutor list below.

Outside Resources

Khan Academy - free web site with many online videos related to specific course content

Clinton Macomb Library - - online homework help noon until midnight - must have library card

Ask Rose - - free online tutoring for math/science

And remember.......

Thriving through a change is tough but doable with a positive attitude. A positive attitude about online learning is the best gift you can give yourself. Everything you learn, whether it’s your most favorite or least favorite subject, will help you grow as a person.

Need additional help??? Reach out to your counselor. Their contact information is below.

For Grade 9:

Students Last Names A - Kq:

Mrs. Debbie Wall

Students with Last Names Kr - R:

Mrs. Jennifer Frohock

Students with Last Names S - Z:


For grades 10, 11, and 12:

Student's Last name: A-Co

Mrs. Kimberly Koskos

Student's Last Name: Cp-Hes

Mr. Scott Merchant

Student's Last Name: Het-McF

Dr. Dan Lawrence

Student's Last Name: McG-San

Mrs. Sydney Radzinski

Student's Last Name: Sao-Z

Mrs. Stephanie Pitcher