The Bald Eagle

What You Need To Know

Bald Eagle Characteristics

  The bald eagle is an endangered animal. The bald eagle is the only eagle that is unique to North America. Its distinctive brown body , white head and tail make it easy for you to identify that it is a bald eagle even from a distance. When flying, the bald eagle rarely flaps its wings but soars instead, holding its wings almost completely flat. Its hooked bill, legs and feet are yellow.

The Bald Eagle's Diet

  The bald eagle eats fish, carrion, smaller birds and rodents. Bald eagles are also known to prey on large birds and fish. When they are catching fish they swoop down from the sky and grab the fish. They are not picky about how they get their food.

Protecting The Bald Eagle

Extra Information

  The length of a bald eagle is around 3 feet, the males are smaller. They weigh from 10-14 lbs. The wingspan is around 7 feet, males are around 6 feet. They can live from 20- 30 years.We can help protect the bald eagle by not using DDT whitch is poison. Another way we can help is by not shooting them.

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