Percussion Stuff!

December 3-19

South Area Winter Concert

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 7pm

801 Hanna Rd

Manchester, MO

Students will need to arrive around 5:00 pm (this is subject to change). Uniform is the tuxedos and formal dresses.


The student will need to own: tuxedo shirt, black calf length dress socks and dress shoes.

The band will provide: tuxedo pants, tuxedo jacket, cummerbund, bow tie.

Students will need to go to Savii Formalwear in Chesterfield Mall to purchase their own tuxedo shirt. You may purchase a new shirt or a used shirt. The store has been in contact with our boosters and knows what you will need.

Tuxedo fittings will be on Dec. 4 from 6:00-7:30 and Monday, Dec. 8 from 6:00-7:30 pm. Your student needs to come to the band room on one of these nights to be fitted for a tuxedo. They signed up for a time during band, ask them which date they signed up for.

Ladies Formals

Girls will need to own their own: black hose or tights, black dress pumps or flats, appropriate underwear for the dress. (If we can see your bra, its not appropriate!)

The band will provide: floor length formal dress

Nope, that picture is NOT our formals:)

In class expectations:`

We are getting ready to finish the semester which means a bunch of cumulative assessments: The Winter Concert, Great Hands Warm-up, the new stuff for next semester; all of this is coming to a head. Hopefully we can keep this straight:

Monday through Wednesday in class: Both classes will focus on their percussion ensemble (Christmas Song or Christmas Medley) and then the concert band pieces: The Maelstrom, Festia, Loch Lomond and Star Trek. On Tuesday and Wednesday there will playing tests on these songs (100 points of Performance value). The Concert Wednesday night is an assessment in itself on "soft skills". Can the student be in the right place (South High Gym A), at the right time (Mr. Becker will let them know), wearing the right clothes (tuxes and formals), with the right equipment (whatever they need to perform the concert), playing the right way (demonstrating the techniques we have worked on all semester) (100 points of Concert Attendance value).

Thursday through Tuesday, the students will begin their Individual Skills Assessments where they will perform their small ensembles for the class individually. They are expected to set up their equipment and perform the assigned part with a metronome. Each student will perform on one of the following: The Winding River top - C, Alarm Top - E, Moonrise top - F or Sizzle top - E (100 points of Performance value)

On the Final exam day, Sec. 2 is Wed. Dec. 17 at 7:30 am; Sec. 1 is Thurs. Dec. 18 at 7:30 am, the student will have a short rehearsal and perform as an ensemble for their Group Assessment (100 Points of Performance Value)

Finally, the chop building assignment from the beginning of the year is due: Great Hands for a Lifetime Warm-up is to be performed for me by Dec. 19 at 12:00 noon. Many have already done this but don't forget!

Kristin's Last Winter CMS Concert

We're meeting at Weber's in Webster Groves at 5:00 for dinner. Come have dinner with us and then see Kristin perform with the Community Music School Percussion Ensemble.

The Concert starts at 7:00 at the concert hall on Webster University's campus for those who cannot make dinner.

Its Pep Band Season!!!

Each year the Parkway South Bands provides entertainment and generally annoyment to the opposite team for 10 or our boys and girls basketball teams. Students in the band program are required to attend 3 games each. The students can decide which games they wish to attend by choosing from a list. Go to my website click on the Symphonic Percussion tab and scroll to find the pep band requirements.

Lots going on and much more on the way. Contact me with questions.

Hey? Are You Going to Florida?

Friday, Dec. 26th, 9pm

Orlando, FL, United States

Orlando, FL

Actually I have no idea when we're leaving or coming back, but I DO know that we've got some rehearsals so we don't look dumb when we get there.

Be at school on Mondays and Thursdays until the end of the semester from 5:30-7:00 pm to play your favorite Pirate tunes and take a walk outside in the cold with 50 of your best friends!