Water Pollution

Taylor Ortiz


Water is a big part in our world. about 71% of the earths surface is covered in water. We drink water everyday. Even if you think you don't you do, you still do. With Gatorade, lemonade, and Starbucks.

Reasons for pollution

The reason we have pollution is because humans. We throw trash on the streets, factories throw toxic waste in to lakes, and also we use lakes and rivers as our trash. Even if you miles away from water, that trash could still some how travel and end up in lake, rivers, or the ocean.


The effect of pollution is critical to other countries. Like other countries don't have a great water filters to clean the bacteria for clean drinking water. This means they still have to drink water, bu it wouldn't be good for them. they could die from disease or get really sick. We should help stop pollution because if we pollute the water so much we could soon be able to not be able to drink any water.

Reason to stop

We should stop because water is a big part in our life. We use it to survive, to quench our thirst, to make food, and also to have fun in. No one wants to go to a nasty beach or play in a green, dirty, nasty pool. If we stop we could lower the percentage of water pollution and could make our earth look way cleaner.