AVID A Way to Better Learning

2014-2015 Karma Bowers 1/16/15 Grade-7

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

I would like to do more community service and make better Cornell notes, well better than the ones I have been doing. I would like to get a better grade in my math class and bring it up to at least an 80% instead of a 70%. I would like to become more organized with my binder and my school supplies. I want to become more involved with my school and go to more school activities too!

The Binder Checks

The perfect AVID binder should include:

  • A pencil bag with 2 black pens, 2 red pens, a ruler, glue, scissors, and coloring material's.
  • a works in progress section
  • a graded paper section for each core class
  • 2 dividers for each class
  • your planner with everything filled out and highlighted homework
  • and no papers in the pockets of your binder(s)
  • and at least 2 cornell notes for each core class
  • also hole rein forcer's
  • all papers in order by date

Turorial days

Tutorials are when we make a tutorial request form(TRF) and we bring it to avid the next day. Tutors come in and help us with our point of confusion (POC). A TRF includes:

  • a POC
  • key words
  • steps on how we solved our problem
  • what you already know about your question
  • and critical thinking

Weekly Learning Logs

Our learning logs are due every Friday. In the 1st box you pick a core subject and you write 5 sentences about what you learned that week not what you did. The box under that you write about what you learned in AVID that week. In the very top box on the right you write 3 sentences about your favorite activities you did that week in any class. the box under that you write about your area of improvement in any class. Then last but not least the very last box, you write 3 sentences about what you need help on.

What do you do in AVID?

What we do is we learn about other colleges in Texas that we might want to go to. We go on field trips to other colleges like Navarro college and UT Arlington. I can easily say that AVID is not the easiest subject to accomplish but it does help me with all my goals for the year.


You need to be very organized for avid. You have to have all your school work organized in the correct places. You have to have all your subjects organized by date and 2 Cornell notes in every subject.

How did i grow as a student this semester?

I grew as a student with the help of avid and the help of teachers, parents, and my fellow classmates. Tutorials have made a big impact on my grade because I can get help on my problems with a certain subject. Cornell notes have also helped me with my steps to success because they have helped me study and I know what the subject my notes are on, because of avid, I have done more community service and have been involved with school activities.