Video Capture, Storage & Sharing

With Camtasia Relay/Fuse & Ensemble Video

Videos can be captured through the Camtasia Relay software on your desktop or laptop computer or with the Camtasia Fuse app installed on a mobile device. You also have the ability to upload and share previously recorded or created videos through your computer or mobile device. The capture and upload is flexible and seamless to the Ensemble Video Library - we like to call it "automagical"!

I'm looking forward to sharing the functions and features of Camtasia and Ensemble with you on Wednesday. If you would like to explore some on your own beforehand, please keep reading.

Give it a try - download Camtasia Fuse on your device!

Downloading & Installing Camtasia Fuse for Mobile Devices

Please watch this video for instructions to download and install Camtasia Fuse for your mobile device. The login information for the Camtasia Relay Server is:

  • Server Name =
  • Username = ec + first letter of your first name + last name (ie. John Doe = ecjdoe)
  • Password = camtasia1

Go Ahead - Record A Few Trial Videos...

Feel free to record a video (or a few) with Camtasia Fuse and click submit. I will show you where the videos go once they are submitted and how you can provide access to your video content through the Ensemble Video Library.

Sarah Lipke

CESA 10 -- Educational Technology

Media & Technology Integration Consultant