Hazards in figure skating

Danielle Lee 1/8/16 Digital Literacy Period 6

What it takes to be an Olympic figure skater

Figure skaters have to put in a lot of dedication and effort into practicing. During those hours of practice, there is a very likely chance that they will get injuries in major or minor accidents. Skaters have to nail every jump, and need precise positioning and close-to-perfect training. How can I create a presentation that will help inform people about the severe injuries that are caused with the tenacity they place into practicing? I chose this topic because I was inquisitive in what steps figure skaters have to take to be professional and graceful in the sport.

What pair skaters have to endure

Skaters make performances look graceful, but the audience doesn't know the other side of skating as well. Injuries can occur because pair skaters have to be close to each other, also because the male partners have to spin the female. Skaters have a high chance that they will become injured, but even if they get hurt, they should continue practice if they want to compete in the Olympics. Experienced skaters have several concussions and injuries; being a pairs figure skater can be as risky as playing in the NFL. Without fearlessness and confidence, it would be hard to be an excelling pair figure skater, which comes with a lot of risk.

The other side of figure skating

Figure skaters have to train at least 4 hours a day, followed by off ice practice and other exercise. If skaters don't make it to the top three winners of Nationals Competition, they cannot compete in the Olympics. "People think it's such a pretty sport and I hate the word 'pretty'. What we do is so difficult and it can be so dangerous," says coach Jim Peterson. We, the audience, just watch the elegant and the natural-looking performances of figure skaters, but we don't know the hardships skaters go through. People should be aware of the other side of figure skating, like the painful injuries they have to endure during training. There should be something done in order to help prevent the risks of figure skating, like providing safety gear for their training.
A Skaters Life - Training with the Canadian Team
This video is important to my topic because it shows how Olympic figure skaters train, and information about how they train on off ice for long time periods for efficient exercise. I learned that skaters need to have a lot of dedication and persistence in order to complete their performances in perfection.