Department Meeting

November 19th

Welcome officially...

Welcome Karen and Lindsey!

So glad to have you on our team!

Embedded Day

Melissa will cover the following...

  • PARCC Accommodation and Process
  • All changes to Aspen: Census, Data packet, ect...
  • Special Education Meeting Checklist

RTI Process

If YOU identified a student with a specific learning difficulty, attendance issue, social issue, or all of the above. We should use the RTI process FIRST (use Aspen workflow and RTI data collection sheet)

After the RTI Process is completed and they make a determination to go forward with the evaluation team we will step into the evaluation process once again.

New Resource Section- (for RTI)

  • Brenda is teaching a new section of Resource
  • This is funded via IDEA money
  • This model has been successful at the elementary level
  • Per regulation regular education students can receive spec ed services through the RTI process
  • Students will ONLY have access to this if they are referred and recommended via the RTI process and RTI team
  • IEP students will always have first priority for a resource
  • We will never run a resource with more than 11 students in it

LRE Sheet will be completed on Aspen, most likely Due on December 1st

Start to think about where your students are likely to go in the 2015-16 school year.

Let's talk about grading...

We are beginning to discuss around special education students who need some intense modifications in their collaborative classes, how this can be done within the structure of the collaborative, and the impacts of this on their grades.

What do you think??

Books Stored in Room 201

  • Are there any books that we are not using?
  • Are there any books that you'd like as resources for the future??