Classroom News

Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer November 1, 2012

Additional Sites

I have added some additional sites to my website under classroom resources. One is a math fact practice site. It is called xtramath. I created logins and will be sending home instructions with students today. You can place the instructions with their login on the refrigerator, or in a safe place. We will be putting their pass codes in their agenda as well, so they can always access it if needed.

Another site we will be using is called kidblog. We will be posting writing on there, and other things that lend theirselves to blogging.

Classdojo is another site we will be using for positive incentives. This site rewards students for following rules and being a leader. Parents and students will have logins. We hope to get this set up in the upcoming week.

To make it easier for students, We hope to put logins and password in one central place for them. Any sites that we use will have links from my website.


Just a note about math- we are really putting an emphasis on students learning their basic facts. This is essential in being proficient in math. I have noticed the students that struggle more with subtraction and addition (four digits or more with regrouping), are the students who are not fluent in their math facts.

We have started learning multiplication facts. Students need to be practicing these at home. I put several links to websites on my site. Again, xtramath seems to be a GREAT resource. They will be getting some multiplication study cards. The students will know how they work, and should be using them to practice their facts. Knowing these facts is essential to moving forward in math. We will be beginning a hands on equations unit soon. (For this, students must know their basic facts.)

Progress Reports

I changed the wording of our progress reports to match the language of the report cards that went home today. You'll see a new progress report next week. You'll notice that I will be noting a P or NY on the progress report, rather than a 1, 2, 3, and 4. I'll only write a digit once we have finishing assessing an entire indicator. I hope that this makes the correlation between the weekly progress report and the report card clearer. Please let me know if you have any questions about the report card.

Language Arts

We are learning about Nonfiction text features for the next couple of weeks. These are things like table of contents, index, headings, maps, photographs, print styles, and insets. We are creating a class iMovie to show examples of these different features. Stay tuned! Secret word: candy.

We have also begun a unit on descriptive writing. Please check out our paragraphs about what fall is on the main hallway. It will be displayed there for the month of November. Students kicked off this unit with their spooky stories. I cannot wait to see the writing they produce next.

On Monday, we will have our second school wide writing assessment. We have all been working at making our conclusions better, but I've really tried to help them understand that the better your planning is, the better your writing will be. I hope they show all they have learned on this assessment. It will definitely give us a clear picture on how to move forward. Remember, students take the writing portion of PASS in March.

Social Studies

We have been learning how the Europeans and the Native Americans interact with each other. Also, this week, we have been learning about the different groups that made up Colonial SC. These groups include the Native Americans, Slaves, English, Huguenots, Germans, and Scotch-Irish. Each of these groups made certain contributions (some positive, some negative). We will be assessing this next week.


This week we have taken a tour around the country to learn about the different land and water features. I am hoping the students (at the beginning of next week) will be able to create a book or a presentation in Educreations to show what they have learned. Next we will look at Earth's slow and rapid processes.