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Week of February 25th

Love Your Body Week

Get Real: Be Comfortable in Your Genes

Your genes play a role in determining your body size and shape. So be kind to your body. Stop trying to turn it into something it's not. Celebrate the REAL YOU every day during LOVE YOUR BODY WEEK. Don't miss these upcoming events!

Eating Healthy

As the semester gets to the midway point, you develop some very good habits and not so good habits. It is important that you maintain healthy eating, as food is the fuel for your body and mind. Here is a very good brochure on good eating habits, Let's Eat For the Health Of It. It contains all kinds of great nutrition information.

What's Happening This Week

Thursday, February 28th

Rathskellar (Student Center)

4:00p-5:00p..Cups Event hosted by Dean Moon and Kasey Robinson. Earn 60 minutes credit.

Thursday, February 28th

Williams Gymnasium

6:00p-10:00p...Intramural Futsal League. Earn intramural activity credit.

Friday, March 1st

Williams Aerobic Room

3:00p-4:00p...Love Your Body Week-ZUMBA hosted by Amanda Yu. Earn 60 minutes credit.

Friday, March 1st

Williams Classroom 105

5:00p-6:00p...Heart Health seminar hosted by the Healthy Eagles. Earn 60 minutes credit.

Weight Room Hours for Play Oxford Credit


Mondays-Thursdays...8a-10a and 3p-10p



Pool Hours for Play Oxford Credit


Mondays...1p-3p and 7:30p-9:45p


Wednesdays...1p-3p and 7:30p-9:45p




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