Paper Too Long

English teacher fails student's essay for being too long

Papers to be Reduced in Size

Earlier this week, a student received a essay back with a big F on it. Along with the F, the teacher wrote, "this essay is too long, too much to read". A new rule was recently implicated into the grading rubric saying that is the teachers decision when it comes to the length of an essay. Instead of having a minimum word count, teachers around Lake Highlands High School are putting a strict maximum word count. If a student reaches the maximum word count, they are now expected to stop in the middle of their sentence.

This new rule is put in place to give the English teachers more free time, as well as boost the efficiency of the English Classes. Although the continuous complaints by students, one saying, "the school is just being lazy", the staff backs up the new rule completely. Mrs. Swehttam in a interview addressing the issue said, "its better to have less quantity over quality." After the next six weeks, the staff will choose between keeping or throwing away the new rule. Garret Bond, a student from LHHS, is ecstatic about the new rule saying, "less writing, WOOP WOOP!" At least one student sees how the teacher are trying to help the students.

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