She's The Man

Shes the man is a story about a girl named Viola that plays on a high school soccer team. But the girls team gets cut and she asks to join the boys team. After she gets laughed at for the thought she decides to go to the rival school to show them that she can play with the boys. So she disguises herself as her brother, whom is supposed to be there at school but he runs away to Europe. Viola uses her knowledge to become and act like a man while the time at the school. She also uses many puns and such to try and fit in and be a boy as much as possible. Although after joining the team Viola falls for the teams captain but he doesn't know that she is really a girl, he has a crush on another girl and after Viola starts to fall for him she tries to mess it up. Then the kissing booth scene comes up, Viola is running the booth and Duke buys a ticket and kisses her, this is when he realizes he might have feelings for Viola. This story uses Farce by having characters meet not knowing the truth about one of them being a girl and them being actually being a girl. But this comedy wasn't an explicit one, it had moments where it was so little to no low comedy was used.


"Foolery,sir, does walk about the orb like the sun; it shines everywhere."(Malvolio2.5.149-50) is funny because she is being foolish by acting like a man and doing everything possible to not be caught by anyone, but by the end she doesn't care what people say she is in love with Duke and Duke with her. " Patience on a monument..."(Viola-2.4.126) This is relevant because she waited all this time to show Duke how she felt about him and it paid off for her because he also falls for her.

Comparing Both

Both of these stories follow a girl pretending to be a man but end up falling in love. Both also had the characters becoming girls to prove that girls could do things as such the men were doing. They both end up proving that they can do the same things guys can, but they end up falling for the men that they are closest to the whole time.