Duty To Report Regarding Attendance

Indiana Department of Education

Under IC 20-33-2-25, the “Superintendent or an attendance officer having jurisdiction shall report a child who is habitually absent from school in violation of this chapter to an intake officer of the juvenile court or the department of child services. The intake officer or the department of child services shall proceed in accord with IC 31-30- through IC 31-40.”

Everyone should report abuse or neglect. The reporting and investigating of suspected child abuse and neglect are not discretionary matters. They have been required by law (IC 31-33-5-1) since 1979.

Do Report When...

  • Students have reached ten (10) or more unexcused absences.
  • Educational neglect is suspected
  • Students are missing and unaccounted for

Opportunities to Work With the Student and Family...

  • Lack of homework completion
  • Skipping individual classes in a virtual setting
  • Internet issues when the family has been in communication with the school

Lisa Truitt

State Attendance Officer

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness Specialist