Los Glaciares National Park

By:Colman Doucette

What is Los Glaciares and why is it protected?

Los Glacicares has 47 glaciers it stretches 1,722 square miles (4,459 square km). Los glacires is protected because, it has some of the only expanding glaciers in the world. Also it's the third largest ice field besides Antarctica and Greenland. It became a national park in 1937, and came protected by UNESCO in 1981.

The Landscape and Wildlife

Lakes and Landscape


There are two lakes in the park – Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma. These lakes go into the Santa Cruz River, which flows into the Puerto Santa Cruz on the Atlantic. Lake Argentino is the biggest fresh water lake in Argentina, because it stretches 566 sq. miles.

The Landscape

The park has two types of landscapes of the park besides the glaciers, they are forests and grassy plains. The ice reflects blue light it absorbs all other colors. That is why the ice is blue.

Fun Facts

On the southern area of the Park, the most famous glacier can be seen: Perito Moreno. It is very famous because of its big changes, which produces a cyclic phenomenon of forward and backward movement, with spectacular ice falls from its front walls. The closest town is El Calafate, center of all the activities.

Its name is came from the giant ice cap in the Andes mountain range.

There are over 1000 species of birds in the area.

13 of the glaciers lead to the Atlantic.