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Tikvah Events

Thursday Weekly Team Call

Real Change Series

Forgiveness - One of the "Laws of Prosperity"

9:00 am Pacific

10:00 am Mountain

11:00 am Central

12 noon Eastern

Listen online


Dial: (650) 281-0004 code: 265811#

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30 Min Texting Blitz

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 10-11am

This is an online event.

10:00 am PACIFIC

For those that want to expand their business very quick by teaching their own home classes. This is a fun time! We also have helpful ways to conquer fears. Success is right out side the comfort zone, but yes, you can do this! Win prizes too!

Grand Prize: Aromatouch Kit + Roman Chamomile essential oil

1st Place: Mama's Rollerball Kit (will roller vials 5ml)

2nd place: Three 5ml of oil with wooden case

3rd Place: doTERRA's Oil Samples

Come 10 mins early by clicking here

Come with your calendar and know your "open" dates

Have Your Smartphone charged and ready.

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Every one needs education source on paper! They aren't always able to but Wellness Advocates that have reached the 3000 OV point in one month get to be apart of what OIL LIFE STORE and TEAM TIKVAH are doing for ALL Elites. FILL OUT THIS FORM HERE to get more info on your FREE hardbound copy of The Essential Life!
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If you haven't made your order yet....

4 Holiday Joy + Douglas Fir = Commissions Fulfilled. Holiday air is empowered. Family goes home without exchanging "nasties" ;) Stress relief. (more info in the Essential Life book)

Kylene Lessig

Happy Veteran's Day! We're taking the day to go spend time as a the parade, go for a small hike with friends and have a hot drink. I'm very thankful that we have time together. I know many of you have lots going on with family stresses and unexpected emergencies and my thoughts and prayers are will you today as well. Love you all!

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