Red Cross

Mission in Darfur

What the red cross is and does

The red cross isn't a government agency they go out and provide emergency assistance for people in need. They say that their mission is to help build a connection with people across the world and provide services for them. What they had done in darfur was provide a life support, clean drinking water, and had given vaccination for cattle and had played the role of a neutral intermediary. They had also provided physical rehabilitation services, bringing families back together, and promoted international humanitarian law.

How is that role designed to protect human rights

How they protected their human rights

They protected right number 3 by providing emergency service and livelihood support. They protect right number 5 with supporting allowed access to drinking water for people and livestock. Number 16 was supported by bringing families back together. 17 was supported by vaccinating over 1 million cattle. 25 was supported by health for women and children physical rehabilitation services and promoting international humanitarian law.

What their authority is.

THey were not supported by any authority and they didn't have any power

Success of the redcross

They had brought aid to around 500,000 people