Nurse Assistants

Lexus Grier

Description of Nurse Assistants

  1. They do a lot of things hands on
  2. Ask questions about how long you've been sick or how long you've had this problem
  3. Nurse Assistants is always needed around the clock
  4. Take your blood pressure
  5. Some ask you personal questions about your lifestyle
  6. Have to make sure your paperwork is correct
  7. Take your blood
  8. Have to keep charts of their works for nurses to review
  9. Helps move patients
  10. Works under supervision of nurses
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Salary Range

Nurse Assistants makes up to $12,000 to $16,000 to $23,00 a year

Employment Prospects

Their Employment Prospects are faster than the average

Advancement Prospects

Assisting for nurse is very fair

Special Skills/Traits Required

  1. Need to be good with Communicating with others
  2. Need Scientific Skills
  3. Technical Skills
  4. Hands On

Educational Requirements

To become a Nurse Assistant you need to have your high school diploma, completion of training program in either a community college or vocational school

Duke University

Box 3322 Medical Center Durham,NC 27710 grad-schools.usnews.rankings and

In the last year its been up to 14,850 people to attend Duke University

Clemson University

524 Edwards Hall,Clemson,SC 29634 grad-schools.usnews.rankings and

In the last year its been up to 21,857 people to attend Clemson University


Most of the states require for Nurse Assistants to be certified wherever they work. Some Nursing homes can hire inexperienced workers as Nurse Assistants but in order to become one they must have up to 75 hours of training and complete a competency evaluation program just within 4 months with being hired.

Professional Associations in the Field

South College Asheville

140 Sweeten Creek Road

Asheville,North Carolina 28803

Advice for Someone Considering This Field

  1. Be ready to work
  2. It's not always going to be a easy job
  3. Respect the patient's the way you would want them to respect you


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