Brenna Fredricks Period 7

Description of Sodapop:

  • very handsome
  • about 6 feet tall
  • slim
  • dark gold hair that is long, silky, and straight
  • laughing dark brown eyes
  • 16 years old
  • understands everybody

Job and Hobbies of Sodapop

  • works at a gas station full time
  • dates a girl named Sandy
  • good at mechanics

Sodapop's Personality:

  • never looks at a book
  • doesn't like school (he dropped out of high school)
  • always in a happy go-lucky mood
  • can't sit still for long periods of time
  • can get drunk just by living

Prized Possessions

So far in this story Sodapop hasn't said anything about a prized possession.

Relationship to the Greasers

Sodapop is Darry's younger brother and Ponyboy's older brother. The three of them make up a family because their parents died in a car crash. The three brothers all belong to the Greaser gang.