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March 2021

ACOVA is the professional association building community, advocacy, and leadership for Arizona Career & Technical Education Administrators.

This monthly communication will help to serve CTE administrators across the state by providing timely and informative updates that will support the work you do surrounding Career & Technical Education in your district, schools, and classrooms.

If ever you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to an ACOVA Board Member; we are here to serve YOU!

Important Upcoming Dates...


1: FY21 Update District Contacts in CTE Data Portal (must do this before moving to other areas of the system)

1: FY21 Entries Open for the following in the CTE Data Portal (after Contacts are updated!) - WATCH FOR TEMPLATES TO BE MADE AVAILABLE!!!

  • Coherent Sequence
  • Fall Enrollment
  • Spring Enrollment
  • Credentials
  • Funding Exemption Requests

1-26: CTE TSA Registration Window

Find Your Pot of Gold Virtual Conference

11: FY21 CTE Data Portal Overview Training Session (attend only one of the dates)

18: FY21 CTE Data Portal Overview Training Session (attend only one of the dates)

22: CTE TSA Testing Window Opens (thru May 14 @ noon)

31: FY21 CTE Data Portal Overview Training Session (attend only one of the dates)

Watch for CTE FY20 Performance Measures reports to be published in March. These reports are for reference only and will not be used for accountability or funding purposes.


1: CTE TSA Testing Window Continues (thru May 14 @ noon)

8: Y21 CTE Data Portal Overview Training Session (attend only one of the dates)

Phishing Email Alert

"Phishing" is the most common type of cyber-attack that affects organizations like ours. Although we maintain some safety controls to help protect our website, we must also rely on you and your common sense.

Do not open or forward email communication from sources you do not trust. An example of one that has recently been sent looks like it came from the ACOVA President (Deborah McKintosh...president0ftheb0ared2021 using an apparent gmail domain name & an odd subject -Budget Expense). It is not from Debbie, nor is it from any member of the ACOVA Board. You may want to ask your IT department to block it. Any correspondence about invoices due to ACOVA will come from the current treasurer or someone from our accounting service, M&M Accounting (and we have had no reason to bill anyone in the past year!!)

Please do not open or click on links that you do not recognize. Thank you, Ralph Fobair, for the warning reminder!

Find Your Pot of Gold Virtual Conference- if you haven't yet, Register NOW!

ACTEAZ is hosting the Find Your Pot of Gold Virtual Conference, March 4-5, 2021. This conference is open to Administrators, Counselors, and Teachers. We hope you will join us as we look at CTE as it is today. We hope everyone leaves this conference energized and ready to take on the final quarter!

Cost for the Conference will be $220.00. Included in the cost is the option for you to enjoy all sessions for two weeks after the conference. We know you are terribly busy, and we hope this will give you time to see all the wonderful presentations that will be offered. For more information, please click here: ACTEAz Virtual Conference March 2021

ADE CTE Data Portal Training for FY2021

This training will be an overview of the CTE Data Portal for FY 2021. We will cover updating contact information, creating or updating your FY 2021 coherent sequence, uploading student enrollment files, and entering or uploading student credentials. We will cover the technical aspects on how to use the CTE Data Portal as well as provide background on what CTE data is used for.

Each training session scheduled in March or early April will be the same, so please join us for one or more sessions if you are a new CTE director or would simply like a refresher on CTE data and the CTE Data Portal. Any meeting materials will also be posted online. Calendar invites were sent by Kathy Bowersock on Wednesday, 2.24.21 or you can join a meeting from one of these links:

March 11, 2021 at 10am

March 18, 2021 at 3pm

March 31, 2021 at 10am

April 8, 2021 at 3pm

Please contact the CTE Accountability team with any questions. More information about the CTE Data Portal or CTE Accountability can be found on our website here:


AZ CTE Industry Credential Program

Secondary entities that may be eligible to participate in the Incentive Program (a.k.a. Governor's Incentive Fund) should have received communication from Cathie Raymond (via Kathy Bowersock) that included Instructions and reporting templates to use with approved programs/credentials for 2020 graduates. All completed Arizona Industry Credential Incentive Program spreadsheets must be received no later than May 1, 2021 in order to be considered for funding. Please reach out to Jennifer directly with any questions about this.


2020 Graduate Placement Records

2020 Graduate Placement Surveys can now be entered in the CTE Data Portal (Placement Survey tab). The 2020 Placement Survey template and form are available to support your work.

Please note that two new placement categories have been added. In addition to postsecondary schooling, military & work, students who are in the Peace Corps or a recognized National Service Program will be counted for placement. Allowable National Service Programs include: AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, National Senior Service Corps, USA Freedom Corps, and Citizen Corps.

2020 Graduate Placement Surveys close on June 15!

CTE Program Instructional Resources

The Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium strives to provide support in CTE curriculum, and academic and industry integration by empowering teachers to prepare students for career success through the use of universal access to blueprints and high-quality instructional materials. The resources provided by the AZCTECC enable teachers to feel confident in their instruction thus leading to higher student success (and teacher retention) rates. See this link for an overview of CTE Program Instructional Resources available at AZCTECC. Reach out to Tammy Bonner or Jennifer Brooks if you have questions about how to connect with the CC.

COMING SOON TO AZCTECC: collaborative efforts between the curriculum consortium and the Center for the Future of Arizona are bringing enhanced career literacy and ECAP resources to our reach. Looking forward to learning more about this!!

2021 TSO Competitions... Call for Judges

Even in today's mostly virtual world, our CTE students are still participating in Career & Technical Organizations and engaging in spring competitions. Please see below for opportunities to learn more about CTE and CTSOs by judging a competition!!
  • Arizona Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, March 29-30, sign up to be an evaluator here: FCCLA.
  • Arizona Educators Rising, March 29-30 (training on March 3!!). If you are interested in being a judge, please complete the judge’s registration form here by clicking on judge.

For more information about CTSOs in Arizona, please contact Julie Ellis or check out the complete listing here:

School Counselor Connection

If you are a CTE Administrator that also works with School Counselors in your district or institution, please check out this publication: School Counselor Connection, February 2021. Contact Amanda Nolasco if you want to be added to her distribution list!


ACTEAZ Awards Applications EXTENDED DEADLINE... 2021 Award Information

2021 Spirit of ACOVA nominations are being taken now... nomination form

2021 ACOVA Board Elections... if you are interested in running for an open seat on the ACOVA Board, send your Bio to Jayme Fitzpatrick via email at

Open Board Seats: President Elect, Treasurer, Member-at-Large (2)

If ever you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to an ACOVA Board Member; we are here to serve YOU!

ADE CTE Administrator Meeting Resources


Supporting documents for prior CTEA meetings are located by date on the ADE CTE Webpage

under CTE Administrator Resources / click on CTE Administrator Meeting Documents.



ACOVA provides CTE Directors with the skills needed to successfully lead the CTE enterprise within their school district. The professional organization is dedicated to the continued support and training of all current and aspiring CTE Directors; CTE leadership is a journey, not a destination.

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