Living in Space?

Eli Considine

Life in Space

Have you ever thought that there is so much room out in space and yet we are all crammed into this one small planet? Well astronauts and scientists have been trying to fill in all the problem to make other planets livable. We think a planet such as the moon, that 12 people have traveled to, would be easy to live on with an oxygen source and a livable station. Well many more unthinkable factors go into a task such as this.
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Where to Live in Space

The moon is the first place that will be attempted to live on. People are trying to find other habitable areas to live on in space. Humans living on space would be a huge change in life everywhere. Thinking just 522 years ago we discovered land that we've never known of before on earth and now we are trying to live on masses in what we could only see and dream to step foot on.
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Problems in Space

As this may seem like an easy task to build on the moon and put a oxygen supply on the building, but many dangers can happen with this that you would never think of. Most Astronauts get this feeling that no matter where you move, it feels like you are upside down after 2-3 days in space. You also loose bone density in space. Bones get more dense when pressure is applied to them, but in a weightless environment, this pressure isn't on the bones. It is a micro race to see which scientist can be the first to create an artificial gravity that will solve some of the problems to achieve this crazy feat.
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