Albert Luthuli

Anne Marie Mannella

Luthuli's life and accomplishments

Albert Luthuli was the president-general of the ANC from 1952-1957. He was raised with a very religious background and was also taught that education was extremely important. His strong religious upbringing is what influenced his non-violent approach to the protest against apartheid. Luthuli used his high position in the anti-apartheid movement to lead the 1946 miners' strike, and he also was one of the key organizers of the Defiance Campaign. Luthuli was arrested multiple times throughout the non-violent protests and was one of the defendants in the Treason Trial and later participated in the burning of the passbook shortly after the Sharpeville massacre. Albert Luthuli also won Africa's first nobel peace prize in 1960. After many different accomplishment that contributed to the ANC and anti-apartheid movement, Albert Luthuli began to become very ill and lost his sense of sight and hearing. Luthuli died suddenly and mysteriously one night as he was hit by a train during his walk back to his home. Some say he was killed, others say it was an accident, but there is no evidence to prove either one.
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Luthuli's Significance to the Anti- Apartheid movement

Luthuli led several significant events and operations that were a success in the anti-apartheid movement like the Defiance Campaign and the Resist Apartheid Campaign. Luthuli's strong Christian morals made him a figurehead/idol to the protesters that he was leading. He had such a strong influence on those who agreed with the non-violent approach and was a prominent leader in the resistance movement.
Albert Luthuli Nobel Peace Prize Archive Footage

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