Juan Ponce De Leon



Juan Ponce De Leon was born in 1460 in Spain. Juan died in 1521; he also gave Florida it's name.
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Juan sailed for?

Juan sailed for gold. He did it for his spanish king and queen.

Circumstances of death?

Juan died from an infected wound. He was attacked by the Florida Indians and wounded by an arrow in the stomach.
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Juan was known for naming Florida, He also found the gulf stream *which is the Atlantic ocean*, he was searching the fountain of youth and other riches. He also sailed on Christopher Columbus' second exploration.
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Which explorer would have influenced you to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored?

The explorer that would influenced me would be, Juan Ponce De Leon because, he found and named Florida, he was the oldest European to settle in Porto Rico.

It would be cool to know a little bit of Florida's history if i traveled there. I could just say," Juan Ponce De Leon named Florida. Also what if he left some things behind? They are probably in a museum in Florida.

Juan was the oldest European to settle in Porto Rico. That would be cool to see if there are more Europeans that have settled after Juan. Plus there could be a place that shows us where he use to live and eat. We could also see what he would wear and if he was nice or not.