hanoi is the capital of vietnam.Hanoi is the second biggest city in is 3.345km2.its population is 6699600.

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Climate of Vietnam

max tempereture is 35 degrees and min is 23 degrees.tropical in south.monsoonal in north with hot rainy season.

population of vietnam

the population of vietnam is 88.78million


In Vietnam 54% are Buddhist,22% are non religious,15.3% are Chinese animist new religions,8% are Christian and 0.7% are Muslim.


The Vietnamese are known to be polite.friendship is very important throughout there lives. Children live with there parents until marriage.speaking in loud voice is don't usually see them drinking in public.women do not shake hands with each other or men. Grown ups,relatives and friends shaking hands is not a common sight.Traditionally,Vietnamese people use family name first and then their middle name and their first name last.


Vietnamese,Vietnam's language can be compared to Cambodia's.there are other languages spoken as well such as Chinese,khmer,Cham and other languages.vietnamese is thought to be a separate language group.

history highlights

one of the most famous highlights was the vietnam war.the war began in 1954 and ended in 1975.more than 3 million people died in the mythology the first ruler of Vietnam was Hung Vuong, who founded the nation in 2879 B.C. China ruled the nation then known as Nam Viet as a vassal state from 111 B.C. Until the 15th century. The Vietnamese are descendants of nomadic Mongols from China and migrants from Indonesia.


Majority of the population are employed in the agriculture sector and rice is by far the leading crop.Mekong and Red river deltas are among the worlds greatest rice growing regions.most of the country's mineral resources are in the north. vietnam also prejudices larger mounts of coal. The southern waters holds oil and gas deposits,and crud is an important export as well as rice,coffee,tea,rubber,clothes and shoes.


In Vietnam kids between 6 and 11 going to school is compulsory.they go to school six days a week,when it's overcrowded the students take shifts.tourism is one of the most popular areas of study for university students.many students take English and other foreign language classes.


Vietnam is currently working to develop a universal healthcare,which will cover all residents and provide them with healthcare.vietnam works closely to Thailands government to model it's universal healthcare after their example.

Living conditions

The improvement of living conditions has consistently been Hanois most important but most had to reach conditions in Vietnam are not very well in rural areas(three quarters of the country)there are some lack of food,housing,medicines and consumer goods.

Natural resources

Vietnam is relatively rich in natural resources.coal reserves,located mainly in the North,have estimated at 20 billion tons.with assistance from the Soviet coal mining has been expanded. Metals and minerals include iron or ore,tin,copper,lead,zink,nickel, manganese ,titanium,chromite,graphite,mica and limestone.

Environmental issues

Water pollution and over fishing supply;threaten marine life populations;ground water contamination;industrial growth and population migration are quickly degrading environment in hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Rapid economic growth in Vietnam over the last ten years and industrial growth as well as population growth and an increase in natural resource production has created a lot of pressure on the environment.

Climate change also contributes to environmental issues.