Movement and Rest of Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy

What This Flyer is About

In this paragraph you will learn what potential and kinetic energy is and the difference between the two. I hope you enjoy.


In this individual paragraph you will learn what kinetic and potential energy.

Kinetic energy is energy at movement, like, for example when you run.

Potential energy is energy at rest, like for example, when you are asleep.

Potential energy also is storing energy,like, for example, when you pull back an arrow you are storing energy so that when you release it it goes flying.

Big image

Can you tell me what this is?

That's right, this is a picture of both potential and kinetic energy. Two dogs are at rest, by sitting on the ground, which is storing their energy which is of course potential energy, and two are in movement by moving, standing, and walking around, which of course is kinetic energy.



I hope you learned a lot in this flyer and that you enjoyed it, and that when asked you will know the answer to, what is the difference between potential and kinetic energy!