Colt Chronicle

Feb 12-Feb 29


Important Items from the Site Calendar:

Feb 15: Professional Development Day: 8-4 at McCall for most professionals

Feb 16: WatchDog Dad, Beejay Chambers

Scott off campus for training

Feb 17: Stacy off campus for Visioning Institute

PLC Meetings for professionals at 3pm

Feb 18: Think College Thursday--College Shirt and Jeans

Stacy off campus for the morning: Harvard follow up meeting

Data meeting for 5th grade

Feb 23: Tutoring Resumes

Stacy possibly on jury duty (yuck)

Feb 24: Grade Level and Department Meetings for all

Feb 25: Data meeting for 4th grade

Second Grade Program at 6:30 PM

Feb 26: Stacy off campus for training

Adam Gruenthal WatchDOG Dad here

Mr. S will host COM at 2:25 PM

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Tweets you may have missed!

Let's use the #coltslearn tag to tweet to when we experience learning or a resource that supports our work here at McCall. Here are some highlights of what has been tweeted recently:

McCall Elementary Administrators

Stacy Kimbriel, Principal/ @skimbriel

Scott Schweikhard, Assistant Principal /@SSchweikhard