Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of February 1, 2016

Classroom Environment and Culture

How teachers structure the classroom environment and create cultures that are inviting and respectful of student learning efforts form the broad dimension for observers. Specifically observers pay attention to the following.

  • The physical environment-how teachers use resources and space to purposefully support and scaffold student learning.

  • Routines and Rituals that support learning- how systems and routines of the classroom facilitate student ownership of learning and independence as well as reflect values of community, inclusivity, equity, and accountability for learning.

  • Classroom Culture and Climate- What discourse and interactions reveal about what is valued in the classroom.

Excerpt from:

Leading for Instructional Improvement

Re-Tester Information

Data from the December 2015 STAAR/EOC exams arrived last week and the results are below:

U.S. History 38% Pass Rate

5 re-testers remain 3 seniors

English I 37%

78 re-testers remain 5 seniors

English II 30%

71 re-testers 11 seniors

Biology 33%

23 re-testers 2 seniors

Algebra 35%

43 re-testers 2 seniors

Lets help our seniors actualize their dreams

It is imperative that the 60/30 model is effectively used within the classroom the one day a week as designed during our P.D. session on January 4th. If you have re-testers in your class, but are not sure who they are, please reach out to us for assistance.

Together, we can and will reach our goal of earning distinctions.