Liberty memorial

Many people know about the Liberty Memorial and what it is and why it exists but there are many others who don't. Today, it's time to learn how and why it exists and if you may already know about this place you might learn something new about it today. Today, we will be learning about Liberty Memorial and some of the reasons it exists, how it came to exist, and some of the milestones it's had throughout its years since its been built.

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Why was the liberty memorial built? The Liberty Memorial was built in remembrance of those who survived and died in World War I. “Explore the rising tensions in America and the globally escalating conflict that defined the world in 1915. Follow the trajectories of different countries around the world as the conflict escalated to total war” it stated in ar, 1915 | Empires at War, Churchill’s Gallipoli and an America Divided.

The National World War I museum was built to tell the story of the Great War and other related global events from their origins before 1914 and through 1918. Those are some of the main reasons why the liberty memorial was built.

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How was the Liberty Memorial built? The Liberty Memorial was created by the Liberty Memorial Association (LMA)which was a group of Kansas City leaders as well as citizens of Kansas City. The memorial is designed in the classical Egyptian Revival style of architecture with a limestone exterior. To fund this project the LMA did fund raising and in just 10 days they were able to raise $2.5 million dollars to fund the construction of Liberty Memorial
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Some of the milestones of the . Liberty Memorial. ”The symposium is co-presented by the National World War I Museum and Memorial and the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission. The event is held in partnership with the Churchill Centre and the Western Front Association, in conjunction with the World One Historical Association and sponsored by the University Press of Kansas.” it stated in ar, 1915 | Empires at War, Churchill’s Gallipoli and an America Divided

"On September 21, 2006, Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne declared Liberty Memorial a National Historic Landmark." it stated in Liberty Memorial

Barack Obama signed into legislation recognizing Liberty Memorial as a National Memorial on December 19,2014. There are many more milestones for the liberty memorial such when the construction of the memorial was completed, when the additions were added, and when special visitors came to visit for the first time. All things that can be easily looked up and answered if you're interested in learning more.

So now you know more about Liberty Memorial and what it's purpose for existing is. You just learned about some of the milestones that the Memorial has had as well as some of the history that comes along with the purpose of the Memorial.

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Now that you know some of these things you should do some more research on it and maybe take a tour there some day since it is right in our own backyard
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