The 4th Grade News

Week of November 9, 2015

A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

The 4th graders have had a productive week. They studied greek mythology, learned more about different indigenous groups and are practicing their division skills. Thank you for sending in recyclable items for our upcoming project. Please continue sending in any recyclable items to school.

The virtual field trip to the USA will be this coming Wednesday, November 18th. The students and I are excited about this unique opportunity and look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Next week P.E. will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please help your student to plan accordingly.

Please let meek now if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

November 18th - Virtual field trip to the USA

November 26-27 - No School

December 8th - 4/5 Winter Concert

December 18th - Last day of school before winter holiday

What's going on in room 223

Math Maniacs

The 4th graders have started working on this division skills. We looked at what students already know about division and what they would like to learn. The students discovered different strategies for solving division problems like repeated subtraction, picture grouping, skip counting and fact families.

To help bring these division skills to the real world the students are working in groups on their second math challenge: We are having an all school Soccer Day. How many teams will there be? What about a Soccer Day schedule. I have been impressed with how the groups are attacking this problem and cannot wait to see their presentations next week.

If you have time at home, please practice multiplication facts with your child. This reinforcement at home can help students with their math fact fluency.

Language Arts

Word Study: This week students focused on different spelling patterns to help with decoding and writing.

Writing: This week we looked at the story elements of narrative writing. The students identified the plot, setting, main characters and themes in various greek myths.

Reading: This week the students read greek myths. As a class we read The Midas Touch, then students explored other greek myths on their own. Each table group read a myth together and preformed a skit about that myth for the class. It was great!

Social Studies

The fourth graders continue to explore different Indigenous Cultures, both past and present. This week we discussed many different groups: Sami of Northern Europe, the Hmong of Southeast Asia, and the Masai of Southeast Africa just to name a few. We are looking at the geography, shelter, clothing, food, arts and crafts and traditions of each culture. Students have chosen a culture that they would like to focus on for our upcoming project. Ask them what culture they are focusing on and why they want to learn about this particular group!

Music Concert

The 4th and 5th grade students are preparing for their music concert SNOW BIZ! The concert will take place in December! The students have a lot of music to memorize in a short amount of time! Please visit the music website for copies of the lyrics and songs to practice at home. Link is listed below! If you are having difficulties with the website please bring a USB drive to Ms. Staron or Mr. Dennison to get a copy of the music!

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