Welcome to Team Counter Beauty

We are all in this together!

Hi! My name is Beth Tackaberry and if we don't know each other, please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook or send me an email at btackaberry@gmail.com.

I am your upline Senior Director and am here to help on this Beautycounter journey! Your Mentor is the person who introduced you to Beautycounter and will also support you well.

If you haven't already - join our Team Counter Beauty Facebook Group!

We have a nice little community happening already and it's a great place to share best practices and tips, and get to know each other better. I also post updates about upcoming Meet Beautycounter events across Canada - which you can see and register for at www.beautycounter.com/events as well as important documents I think you should know about as well.

Order your Starter Set if you haven't already!

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Did you miss our team kick off training call? Watch it here!

Team Counter Beauty Training Call

What do I do now??

Just focus on 6 very simple steps!

1. Order your Starter Set! You can purchase multiples if you wish at a significant savings - if you missed out and want to order one, simply call Customer Care at 1 (888)-988-9108

2. Earn your Start Month Bonus with Start Counting program - your Starter set counts towards volume for Start Counting along with any other orders you personally place, or your Clients place! You can see more about the program here: https://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com/FileUploads/DocumentLibrary/Images/StartCountingFlyer-ENG.pdf

2.Make your FRANK list - Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbours, Kids (parents)

There is a great template here: https://hq.beautycounter.com/FileUploads/DocumentLibrary/Images/YourFRANKSList.pdf

3. Book your launch Social! This is a gathering at your place or a friend's house, private room at a restaurant etc. Invite everyone you know! Don't stress that you don't know everything yet - they won't expect you to! Set up your launch Social Behind the Counter by logging in and then going to Orders>Schedule a Social

You can see our Host Reward program here: https://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com/FileUploads/DocumentLibrary/Images/HostRewardsBrochure-ENG.pdf

4. Start New Consultant Training here: https://behindthecounter.beautycounter.com/Page?title=GettingStarted

5. Share your webpage! Your website will be www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/firstnamelastname


Beth Tackaberry

Senior Director and Team Leader