Eric Carle

Born 1929, age 85

Central Idea Statement

In 1929 Eric Carle was born in Syracuse, NY, became a writer because when he was younger he always like drawing and writing.

Detail 1. He say, " When he was little he always liked drawing."

Detail 2. Eric Carle got many different careers for drawing like becoming an graphic artist.

Detail 3. Eric Carle is now a writer and a illustrator now.

Summary of the research of the Author's Life

Eric Carle had a bad childhood he was born in New York then moved to Germany. His biggest challenge was his farther was captured in the world war 2 and didn't come home until 1947. When Eric Carle was little he always liked drawing and he got many different careers he advertised for many years, in the New York Times he was a graphic artist, and he is a writer and a illustrator now. His current lifestyle is he has two grown children, a daughter and a son. He has a wife named Barbara.

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Summary of your synthesized information two topics

Theme: The them is love in nature in most of his books.

Mood: The mood in the books I say is mostly happy because he got his wish at the end of The Mixed-Up Chameleon. Another detail is I say is because in the book Draw Me a Star I felt happy because their is rainbows and stars happy and bright stuff like that. I think that is the mood


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