Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

December 18, 2019

The 4th-6th graders did a great job during the Geo and Spelling Bees last week. Congratulations to Jack Harper for winning the Geo Bee and Elias Kratsas for winning the Spelling Bee!

Thank you to Enstar for the pizza party last week and bringing books for each student, as well as the winter gear! Your generosity is inspiring and the students loved it!

Winter Program Information: This Thursday at 6pm is our Winter Music Program. Please have students ready and in their classrooms by 5:45pm. We would encourage students to wear their best available attire for this event. Students have been working hard for weeks to prepare for this and we are looking forward to sharing that with you all. There will also be a PTO fundraiser Cookie Train/Bake sale at the winter program.

Class Party Information: Many classes will be doing Christmas parties this week. You MUST be an "approved volunteer" to join in on class parties or events. We would love to have you join in on classroom activities, but this is a district requirement before you can participate. You are welcome to call the school at 260-1345 anytime to make sure you're "on the list". You may apply at www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us and click on volunteers. If you have difficulty accessing the internet, you are welcome to come to the Kasilof Public Library (in our school) during their hours Monday-Friday 2-5pm and use the computers in there. This can take up to a couple of weeks to complete so start the process early!

Attention Preschool Parents: We will NOT be having the Thursday Parent Snack Building Activity this week.


Upcoming Events


19th - Winter Program 6pm

20th - Reindeer Games

23rd-Winter Break begins - No school for Students Until 1/7/20


6th - In-service Day - No School for students

7th - Students return to school & Lynx Tracks Skating for Kindergarten and 5th grades

8th - Lynx Tracks Skating for 2nd and 4th grades

9th - Lynx Tracks Skating for 1st, 3rd, and 6th grades

13th - Report Cards sent home

15th - Early Release Day (No PM Preschool) & School Assembly

20th - PTO Meeting 4pm

27th - Site Council Meeting 4pm


11th - District Battle of the Books 5/6th Grades

13th - District Battle of the Books 3/4th Grades

14th & 17th - Parent/Teacher Conferences - no school for students

19th - Early Release Day (No PM Preschool)

24th - Site Council Meeting 4pm

25th - Skyview visits 6th grade for registration

29th - District Forensics at Tustumena 10am (Saturday)