Borrelia Bugdlorferi

By: Mary Jurgensen


Borrelia Bugdlorferi A.K.A Lyme Disease has come back! Victims have told reporters they were infected by this disease in ticks near grassy and wooded areas. Those who have been infected live in the Coastal Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and in the upper Midwest but some are worried its headed our way!

What Will Happen?

Isn't it amazing how such a small creature can create such a bad bacteria. These small ticks can create smilier and unusual symptoms. Some symptoms to figure out if its Lyme disease is a big bulls eye rash on your skin from a around your tick bite. Also, a achy almost pain like feeling as if you had the flu.

How Will I Know I've Waited To Long? 2 identifying facts.

This bacteria can cause other affects on your body if not treated on sight. A sign you have waited to long is finding another rash either close or far away from your first bite. Another affect it can cause is your face muscles might just shut down it could be half your face or your whole face. So you could be blinking on one eye but not on the other.

How can I get rid of Lyme Disease?

One great way to quickly get rid of Lyme Disease is talk to your doctor on first sight of this bacteria to proscribe an antibiotic that has to be taken every day, or as your doctor tells you. Soon after your bacteria will be long gone. But make sure your not letting it loose because if you bring us the bacteria there will be a reward. Dead or Alive!