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February News

What's Happening?

Happy Valentine's Day a bit early!

February 1st was one of those special grading Fridays so it would be timely to check with your student about their progress. I CAN tell you that everyone, all of them, completed all the assigned tasks according to the schedule. Quite an accomplishment!!

BE AWARE that February 15th is the next grading due date Friday. :)

Although it is officially still winter, things are heating up in AP Stat! Your students have been learning about Regression which is mathematically describing the relationship between two variables.! This topic can be quite challenging. Luckily, our next topic will be easy in comparison

Weekly Class Meetings!

Students should mark their calendar and bookmark the site:
AB: Mondays at 8:30 PM:

Actually, attendance on Monday night has been quite good. I think this contributes to the level of success your students are achieving.

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