Measuring What Matters

Soft Skills Made Visible

Who we are

Activity: What do you want your students to be like?

  • Login to our backchannel at
  • Type your name and select "Join"
  • Type a message and then select "Say"
  • Think about what you want your students to be like-- include any thoughts, adjectives, examples, anecdotes or other things that come to mind. Submit as many as you would like.
  • If you are a parent-it may also be helpful to frame the question as: What do I want my children to be like?
  • Read your peers thoughts in the backchannel- think about which stood out to you and why? Discuss with those around you while we are waiting for others to finish their thoughts.

Activity: Missing Soft Skills

  • Go to (open in a new tab)
  • Room ID: 24112
  • Part I : Draw a circle around the skill from this list that is most important to student success in the real world.
  • Part II: Draw a visual representation of a skill you think should be added to this list

What employers are saying

Activity: Discussion-Are we measuring what we hope to see?

Activity: Opinion Vote

What makes you say that?

Activity: Student Survey

Activity: Explore

What activities and fields can encourage soft skill development?

Activity: I used to think...Now I think

On this final activity you have the power of choice-- you can either respond via Padlet or Flipgrid or both if you are an overachiever.

1. Padlet:

2. Flipgrid:

Password: soft skills

Additional Resources

Resources Note

There are lots of resources relating to these topics... so here are a few if you want to explore further. We would love to continue the conversation beyond today so feel free to reach out to us via Twitter, Email, or however you prefer to communicate.