Community Sunday School

"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD" - Psalms 127:3

Bible Classes, Heritage Lessons...and FUN!

There is nothing more beautiful than the faith of a child! We want to do what we can to help YOU nourish within your child a true love of God and respect for our Armenian heritage. To this end, the Armenian Church of Atlanta proudly announces the launch of a youth program we're entitling the "Community Sunday School" that will meet on Sunday mornings during Badarak.

Our Goals Include:

1. To share an overarching love of God with all children and encourage a vibrant and growing personal relationship with God.

2. To provide an education of the faith teachings of the Armenian Church, Holy Scripture and the Sacraments as well as the heritage and culture of our people.

3. To promote a sense of community among our youth.

We are already praying for the children that will be a part of our Sunday School. We ask that you pray with us as well as we take this step of faith to love our youth within our Armenian Community.

For additional information or for volunteer opportunities, please contact Mary Trachian-Bradley at or Harry Khachadourian at

Meeting Every Two Weeks in 2015