Websites For Drug Abuse/Alcoholism

By: Jeremiah Garrett

Why Take a chance

The use and abuse of drugs and alcohol are very common and come with some serious consequences. from ages 15- 24, range from 50 % deaths (accidents, homicides, and suicides ) all as a result of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Some possible stages of teenage experience with drugs are non use, experimentation, regular use, abuse, dependance. repeated recreational use can lead to problems like anxiety and depression. A teenager with a family history of drugs and alcohol abuse and a lack of pro social skills can move rapidly from experimentation to dependency. So why take a chance?

What to do?

If you have any questions visit their frequently asked questions first. If it didn't answer it please email them your question.

Partnership for drug Free Kids

contact by on website

Helps supports family's

Offeres guides for recovery

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Helps you find treatment.

Helps prevent addiction.

Helps prevent diagnose.