Sherman's March

by Cody Dollarhite

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The Gist

Location: Atlanta to Savannah Georgia between November 15 through December 21, 1864.

Forces Involved: Sherman led 60,000 men. Some were union soldiers there from the start, while some former slaves joined him along the way.

Outcome: Sherman was successful in his march, although there were many deaths along the way.

Significance: This was a battle, but on several different fronts. Sherman destroyed houses, villages, and farms along the way. Burning them down or however his men decided for that day or particular town. This hurt the morale of the southerners. Even if it was an innocent family that nothing to do with the confederacy , the union showed no mercy.

Commanders: The Union had William t Sherman primarily leading, While the confederacy had Jefferson Davis as president and Robert E Lee as a general.

casualties: 3100 casualties as a whole, 2100 of which were union. This isn't counting all the civilians wounded or killed because of the senseless burning of houses and property.