Girls on the Run Weekly Newsletter

The week of March 22nd, 2015

Letter to Parents/Guardians...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

During this week’s GOTR lessons we discuss the benefits of seeking gratitude and using running as a way to self-reflect. In Lesson 7, the girls explore the relationship between being thankful and being grateful. We talk about how seeking gratitude for our circumstances is a choice and can create a positive outlook on life.

In Lesson 8, we learn how running can be a form of relaxation. We take time to run or walk without talking so the focus can be on our own thoughts. We continue this self-refection by doing a visualization activity. This is a great way for the girls to continue to develop a strong sense of self! We will also practice some new stretching and deep breathing techniques to help relax us before and after our run.


Girls on the Run Coaches

Updates-Don't forget

Your girl on the run will need a few items by April 6th.

  • white t-shirt with nothing on it (round neck, not v-neck)
  • white long socks with nothing on it (preferably to the knee)

Talk with your Girl on the Run...

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

1. Let’s share three things about ourselves for which we are grateful.

2. Why is feeling gratitude a choice and not just something that happens?

3. Why is quiet time, without video games, television, cell phones or other distractions important to our health?

4. Let’s each make a plan to include quiet time in our daily life!

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