Wrapping Up the School Year


If you will be with us for the 2015-2016 school year, you must meet with American Fidelity next week and you must complete the Forrest T. Jones on-line enrollment even if it's just to sign the paperwork that says you do not want anything. This is the insurance process we normally do in the fall except that Forrest T. Jones has gone on-line with theirs. Some of you may recall that we were changing our enrollment process so that everyone's benefits began July 1 and ended June 30. The way we had it before had different benefits beginning and ending different times of the year. This just cleans things up. That means we won't have anyone in for insurance in the fall except for new employees. We will now just be enrolling in May. This will be the only year you have to do it twice in one school year.

Again, please be sure you meet with American Fidelity AND do the on-line enrollment Sandra sent you from Forrest T. Jones so we do not have to hunt you down. This takes the place of the mandatory insurance meeting but you are not obligated to purchase anything more than what the district offers you. There will be additional offerings from Aflac there as well. These are optional and you do not have to meet with them if you're not interested.

Lunch Charges

Your lunch balances were put in your mailboxes. Please be sure you've taken care of your charges before you leave for the summer.

Senior/Faculty Basketball Games

Wednesday, May 6th, 6:30pm

100 Kirkham Street

Orrick, MO

This is a great way to contribute your part in raising money for the Rick Wrisinger Senior Scholarship fund. I have a regional meeting to attend with board members that night so will not be able to play, but always have fun doing so with my colleagues and the out-going class. Please see Heather for more details.


I've been asked to present at a conference this summer about our 1:1 experiences. I would like to focus on how it's changing the face of learning in our classrooms. I really, really, really would like to have real-life examples to show. I know there were a lot of iMovies out there at the beginning of the year and have seen other great uses with things like annotation, diagrams, and QR Codes. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could send me some of those projects/examples. Even a screen shot of something would be great. I want to brag on my school!

If anyone still has one of those Back-to-School training iMovie trailers, I'd love to have one of those, too, to challenge administrators to think of ways to use technology in their job.

Building Project Up-Date

As you can probably tell, it's going great! It is still too early, however, to make any promises about it being done in time for school to start. The administrative team will be meeting after school is out to put plans in place for

A) the re-build is done before August 10

B) the re-build is done after August 12

These plans will, obviously, include room placements and we will be making every effort to plan in such a way that the least amount of people will have to do the least amount of moving in the event B) takes place. I've appreciated everyone's patience and flexibility this year and do not want to put it to the test in the Fall! But..... some of you just may be.

Thank You!

With only 2 weeks and 2 days left of school, it's been great to still be seeing rigorous learning taking place in classrooms. Keep up the good work! They will have 12 weeks to turn their brain off soon!

Summer Building Access

Teachers all have keys and alarm codes and we've always had an open-building summer access practice. However, this summer I'm asking you to contact me prior to working in your room in June, July, and maybe even the first part of August. We still have roofs that have to be replaced and there will be parts of the building at different parts of the summer that will be closed off for safety purposes. I will do my best to notify you ahead of time what's off-limits, but if you're not sure and there are workers on-site when you arrive, make sure you check!

Publishing Interactive Content with iBooks Author

Wednesday, May 27th, 8:30am

Orrick Schools

Teachers - Don't forget to sign up for the latest Apple training if you haven't already. The AM class is about full, but there's still plenty of room in the afternoon session. Some of you may want to consider moving to the afternoon session for more individualized attention.